Wedding Weekend

{Suit from Chandigarh, Jewellry from Ludhiana, Choora from Phagwara, Browns Shoes, Coach Bag}

This long weekend is perhaps one of the busiest in the year for weddings.  I recently attended my first wedding with my husband and realized I was a bit unprepared because I didn’t remember that I needed to take part in rituals that I hadn’t needed to or hadn’t bothered with before, mostly because they were handled by my parents.  So now, going forward, besides my lipstick, gloss, and mirror, I also need to include the ‘envelope’ and shagun money.  Being realistic about how much time I’ll need to get ready and scheduling driving time to the location is a good idea as well 😉 

{Hair by Pinky – after the wedding}

{Buxom lipgloss, Chanel compact, MAC lipstick}


Ask and You Shall Receive

No, I’m not sponsored by Banana – yet…  For the past couple of months, every time I drive to my parents place, I pass a big banner advertising a farmers market which is held every Saturday from 10-2 and each time I try to arrange a time to drop by pick up some local produce, baked goods and other treats.  I haven’t made it down so far, but I did get an email from work advising of a ‘Pocket Market – Make, Bake or Grow’ featuring farm fresh fruits and vegetables, artisan breads and pastries and other delectable treats, to be held at the entrance of our work parkade.  This was a pleasant surprise considering my work is located in a super urban environment, not really a typical setting for a farmer’s market.  So, of course I checked it out and by the time I got there most of the goodies were sold, but I was still able to get a loaf of ‘still warm from the oven’ French bread, blackberry jam and red and golden beets.      

{the tiny market}

{my goods!}

Banana Suit

{Banana Republic top, pants and cardigan, vintage pearl earrings, Comme la Garconne pumps, Saddleback Leather Bag}

My go to shop for work attire is Banana Republic.  When I first joined the work force (not Bootlegger) full-time, I also started working at Banana Republic in the evenings to build my wardrobe with good quality, essential basics.  Part of the initial training on ‘how to sell’ included a background on the company and the quality of goods that the company produced, and their ability to keep prices reasonable when compared to companies making similar quality products, like Armani and Ralph Lauren (they’re owned by Gap and benefit from economies of scale).  I don’t think I actually earned anything during that period because I was busy building my wardrobe.  I stopped working at BR a long time ago, but have maintained loyalty to the brand mostly because I find their products look more or less the same after many, many wears and generally last for as long as you need them to with some basic care.  I’ve also found that their pieces work well together, so it makes it easier to coordinate, and mix and match.  Accordingly, many of my outfits will feature pieces from Banana Republic that I’ve accumulated over the years.  One of my (many) secret desires is to get loads of people reading this thing, so Banana can see how popular I am the blog is and sponsor me and I basically get free (or heavily discounted) access to their clothes.  There, now it’s out in the universe.  Make it happen.

In the Moment

{Juicy Couture Maxi, Gold hoops and bracelets, Havianna’s}

It’s possible that this past weekend was the best of the year as of yet. I don’t think I’ve ever ‘deserved’ a weekend getaway, or looked forward to one, as much as this one. I think mostly because of my intense work schedule of late, the regular busyness that comes with helping to prepare a wedding and the extra considerations of other schedules in a new household (being a fairly new newlywed). I don’t know what I was thinking… I totally deserved this trip. Wine Country was blessed with excellent weather which made our trip to the Okanagan the ultimate summer mini-holiday. Surrounded by people that I wanted to be around, lazing on the beach with some of the best scenery that BC has to offer, great food (the Rotten Grape topped my list as the best eatery) and a visit to a local winery and family-owned cherry orchard were the essential ingredients for a perfect weekend. I felt that we really got the most out of each day. It was a good reminder to slow down, breathe a little and live in the moment – the wine helped as well…

Belgian Fest

16 course menu + good company + meters of ale = good times for all!  The second annual National Belgian Festival at Chambar was one of the most anticipated food events of the year for me, mostly because of the extensive 16 course menu, memories of drinking bowls of chocolate and the medieval atmosphere.  Eating all the courses without cutlery also added to the mood.  Highlights from this year’s menu included the split roast fireball pig, Chambar Ale braised shortribs – which was my favourite item, and of course Belgian chocolate for dessert.   I noticed a few differences from last year.  Extras like second helpings for each course, a meter of beer on the house, bowls of (drinking) chocolate, a smaller and more intimate crowd were missing, plus, the ticket price was up more than 15% from last year.  Nevertheless, still a good meal for a good value. 

{Kawar and Sonu were very excited}

{fireball pigs}

{Belgian Endive Salad}

{Fried Haloumi Cheese – tasted like paneer}

{Summer Cherries}