Strawberry Shortcakes

One of my favourite things about summer is enjoying the abundance of fresh, local fruit.  I went to a local berry farm yesterday, and bought some freshly picked strawberries.  The first thing that came to mind was Strawberry Shortcake – one of my favourite summer desserts!  I’m big on simple, fresh flavors and ingredients (especially butter. and creme), so I made the shortcakes, whipped the cream, and pureed strawberries for a flavourful, beautiful red sauce.  The result was perfect: buttery, moist shortcakes, sweet strawberries and sauce, topped with real, whip cream!  This recipe is from Alice Waters cookbook ‘Simple Food’ – one of my favourites.  You can find it here.  Alice Waters, you rock my world!  I made mine without the dusted powder sugar on top.  Delicious!

{I also bought raspberries and cherries}

{short cakes}


{So good}


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