Summer Rain

In case you think I am really stuck on spring and even fall styles and accessories, I must clarify that it is because I live in Abbotsford, Canada which is struggling to get summer.  It rains here.  And it’s often cold.  Maybe I should post a blog on my various umbrellas… ?  Anyways, that is why I am still wearing a full body ensemble.  Although my sandals are pretty summery.  I got them from at a street market in Hong Kong.  For $3!  And they’re leather!  This may be of more relevance to those of you who are in similar situations or similar climates, than the unlucky populace who are stuck in an exotic locations, lying on a white sandy beach, under majestic palm trees, sipping lovely, pretty umbrella drinks… Or having afternoon tea, in a cafe in Paris, before hitting the Louvre – Karissa!

{Diane Von Furstenburg top, Aldo jeggings, Gucci bag, RayBan Aviators}

{Turquoise and silver ring from Blossom Box Accessories}


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