Moon Cycle

I feel kind of silly writing about this, but I feel like I should share this information because it has worked so well for me.  (This has nothing to do with hot vampires, so apologies if you are into all of that business).  I was in Calgary a while back visiting my cousin and her new babies (twins Sukhraj and Taranjot) and was introduced to a revolutionary product by Sage Natural Wellness, a Vancouver based company, called ‘Moon Cycle’.  I’ve been using products from their Tantra line for years because I love the smell (also known for creating a mood for romance;) but this was the first time I purchased this little vial of magic potion. If you are prone to monthly issues like soreness or cramps, or um ‘emotional symptoms,’ this blend of natural essential oils is for you!  I realize I sound like an infomercial, but really, I’ve tried it a couple of times now, and it works wonders for my lower back.  Since it contains floral essences like Lavender, Geranium and Rosewood, the scent is bearable as well.  If you are blessed with wonderful natural cycles, this may not apply, but for the masses, this little bottle may prove wonders.  Kamal – highly recommended.


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