Belgian Fest

16 course menu + good company + meters of ale = good times for all!  The second annual National Belgian Festival at Chambar was one of the most anticipated food events of the year for me, mostly because of the extensive 16 course menu, memories of drinking bowls of chocolate and the medieval atmosphere.  Eating all the courses without cutlery also added to the mood.  Highlights from this year’s menu included the split roast fireball pig, Chambar Ale braised shortribs – which was my favourite item, and of course Belgian chocolate for dessert.   I noticed a few differences from last year.  Extras like second helpings for each course, a meter of beer on the house, bowls of (drinking) chocolate, a smaller and more intimate crowd were missing, plus, the ticket price was up more than 15% from last year.  Nevertheless, still a good meal for a good value. 

{Kawar and Sonu were very excited}

{fireball pigs}

{Belgian Endive Salad}

{Fried Haloumi Cheese – tasted like paneer}

{Summer Cherries}


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