In the Moment

{Juicy Couture Maxi, Gold hoops and bracelets, Havianna’s}

It’s possible that this past weekend was the best of the year as of yet. I don’t think I’ve ever ‘deserved’ a weekend getaway, or looked forward to one, as much as this one. I think mostly because of my intense work schedule of late, the regular busyness that comes with helping to prepare a wedding and the extra considerations of other schedules in a new household (being a fairly new newlywed). I don’t know what I was thinking… I totally deserved this trip. Wine Country was blessed with excellent weather which made our trip to the Okanagan the ultimate summer mini-holiday. Surrounded by people that I wanted to be around, lazing on the beach with some of the best scenery that BC has to offer, great food (the Rotten Grape topped my list as the best eatery) and a visit to a local winery and family-owned cherry orchard were the essential ingredients for a perfect weekend. I felt that we really got the most out of each day. It was a good reminder to slow down, breathe a little and live in the moment – the wine helped as well…


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