Banana Suit

{Banana Republic top, pants and cardigan, vintage pearl earrings, Comme la Garconne pumps, Saddleback Leather Bag}

My go to shop for work attire is Banana Republic.  When I first joined the work force (not Bootlegger) full-time, I also started working at Banana Republic in the evenings to build my wardrobe with good quality, essential basics.  Part of the initial training on ‘how to sell’ included a background on the company and the quality of goods that the company produced, and their ability to keep prices reasonable when compared to companies making similar quality products, like Armani and Ralph Lauren (they’re owned by Gap and benefit from economies of scale).  I don’t think I actually earned anything during that period because I was busy building my wardrobe.  I stopped working at BR a long time ago, but have maintained loyalty to the brand mostly because I find their products look more or less the same after many, many wears and generally last for as long as you need them to with some basic care.  I’ve also found that their pieces work well together, so it makes it easier to coordinate, and mix and match.  Accordingly, many of my outfits will feature pieces from Banana Republic that I’ve accumulated over the years.  One of my (many) secret desires is to get loads of people reading this thing, so Banana can see how popular I am the blog is and sponsor me and I basically get free (or heavily discounted) access to their clothes.  There, now it’s out in the universe.  Make it happen.


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