Ask and You Shall Receive

No, I’m not sponsored by Banana – yet…  For the past couple of months, every time I drive to my parents place, I pass a big banner advertising a farmers market which is held every Saturday from 10-2 and each time I try to arrange a time to drop by pick up some local produce, baked goods and other treats.  I haven’t made it down so far, but I did get an email from work advising of a ‘Pocket Market – Make, Bake or Grow’ featuring farm fresh fruits and vegetables, artisan breads and pastries and other delectable treats, to be held at the entrance of our work parkade.  This was a pleasant surprise considering my work is located in a super urban environment, not really a typical setting for a farmer’s market.  So, of course I checked it out and by the time I got there most of the goodies were sold, but I was still able to get a loaf of ‘still warm from the oven’ French bread, blackberry jam and red and golden beets.      

{the tiny market}

{my goods!}


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