Soaked in the City

I had a bit of a Carrie Bradshaw moment this morning when I walked out of the train station directly into torrential downpour in my dress, heels and no umbrella.   I saved my shoes (and me of course) by hurrying to my favourite coffee bar and treating myself to my daily breakfast – pain au chocolate and a latte.  [Side note – I found out that I am only downtown until the end of the month, and then have to relocate again (?!) to a location where no such luxuries exist, so I’m taking advantage of all the great eats that downtown has to offer before being subjected to bringing a lunch of dal roti again – but more on this later].  Kindly, the staff at Brioche lent me an umbrella for the day.  Lucky for me, it went with my outfit…

{Brioche – also mentioned here}

{212 Dress, Carlo Alberto Shoes, Serafino Fiaschi Purse, BR Earrings}



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