Dangers of Downtown

The main way I pacify myself about relocating to another work location from downtown is to think about all of the money I will save.  Everywhere I go there are signs.  Signs in the windows of so many lovely boutiques advertising 50-70% off all summer stock.  I am in serious trouble.  I did, however, find the deal of the decade at 212 – Marc Jacobs pants for $10…

{Block – super cute stuff from A.P.C and Loeffer Randal shoes}

{212 – one of my favourites; polished preppy, classic but modern – just my style!}

{Rowan Sky – they have the perfect Repetto ballet flats that are making me test my self constraint skills}

{RBuenn – fairly new store on Cordova, across from Block. Cute dresses}

{Rubi & Kino – great work pieces, cute shoes, solid bags from Matt & Nat}

{two of a few – super unique clothes, shoes and bags; they also carry some cute kids stuff}


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