I don’t think I’ve ever been so busy at work as I have been in these past few days.  I’m looking forward to making the most out of my last day downtown – tomorrow, and I’m especially looking forward to an adventure this weekend – camping!  Everyone who knows me can safely say that I’m not exactly a camper.  But, I’m going to try this weekend (for one night at least).  My past experience in this area is dated back to elementary school.  It includes a sleepover in my friend Karissa’s treehouse – so we could go to Yarrow Days together, and a couple of sleepovers on our trampoline, in our backyard.  We didn’t quite ever make it through the entire night…  So, in order to prepare myself, I’ve started what I do each time when I need to do some planning or preparation: make a list.  This is it so far:



  • If sunny – outfit for first day: plaid shorts, BR white tank, Havianna’s from Philippinnes
  • If overcast – outfit for first day: white capri’s, navy blue Marc Jacobs cat t-shirt, Converse shoes
  • Pajama’s – pink cotton from Pinky
  • Undergarments
  • Extra’s – New Balance runners (for trekking around), socks, Hollister hoodie, bathing suit
  • Second day – H&M longsleeve purple tshirt, thick blue capri joggers, runners


  • Towel
  • Travel size – toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, facewash, Dermaglow sunscreen, wet wipes
  • Fresh Sugar Rose SPF 15 lip balm (one of my all time favourites!)
  • Q – do we need to take water??  Ask Bitu
  • Toilet paper – (omg. i’m kind of getting nervous)
  • Insect repellent

Sleeping Stuff

  • Tent!!  (I can’t wait to use it outside!  I’ve practiced setting it up in my living room once.  I got it 5 years ago when I thought I might be doing more of this…)  Need to find…
  • Air mattress – need to get – Canadian Tire?  Need to make sure it fits inside tent – take measurements of tent (once found).
  • Air pump for mattress
  • Sheet for air mattress
  • Duvet
  • Pillows


  • Smores – graham crackers, chocolate, marshmallows
  • Fruit – peaches, plums (from Yarrow)
  • Hotdogs(?) – need to go to Choices. Buns, condiments.
  • Q – ask Bitu if someone is taking BBQ
  • Cheese and crackers

Ok, so I need some help around food.  Anybody an experienced camper who can guide me on camping food?  What works?  Also, am I missing stuff from the other categories?  Any assistance is appreciated.


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