Fancy Sublimage

Generally in life I try to take a proactive approach rather than reactive, and this is especially true when it comes to skincare. A few days ago, I finished my bottle of eye cream and have since been trying to find a better replacement. [I had tried the orange RE Arbonne line and have decided for a number of reasons to not reuse it, mainly because of the inconvenience of getting the product, and my horrible experiences with the sales rep.] My expectations for the new crème were pretty high: it basically had to do everything to provide soft, supple skin with enough moisture to prevent dry patches but not so much that it resulted in those small, white annoying bumps (that’s what they’re from – too much moisture). Further, it had to diminish dark under eye circles, reduce puffiness and minimize and prevent fine lines. I also wanted the crème to be a rich, velvety texture so I could enjoy the experience of putting it on day and night. So, after not that much looking around, I found the magic product – Sublimage Eye by Chanel which I got here.

It promises to do everything I want. It comes with a hefty price point but the pot is a fairly decent size, so I’m hoping it will last me at least a year. In the little gold book that I received with the crème, there is a caption ‘For Sublimely Beautiful Eyes – The skin around your eyes is transformed – incredibly smooth, appears infinitely more toned. Puffiness and the look of dark circles become a thing of the past. Your eyes light up with new radiance…’ How could I go wrong?


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