In the Moment

{A very nicely crafted sailboat in the lake which is at the top of my favourite hike}

This weekend was a nice break.  The extension of summer has been greatly appreciated.  Harry and Daman’s wedding was beautiful; I was able to get in a hike, visit family and connect with friends.   I’ve also been gorging on enjoying late summer produce, especially fresh picked corn which we’ve been getting from my cousins farm (also available at their shop – Rainbow Food & Gas), okanagan peaches and blackberries from my backyard that I’ve just recently found.  There have been a number of pleasant surprises that I’ve recently discovered in my backyard (new because it’s my first year here).  The blackberries actually aren’t ours.  A vine has traveled from the neighbours, through the bushes, and into our backyard; conveniently, it’s loaded with yummy berries.  I somehow need to conveniently position a few more branches, so I can get enough berries to make my favourite pie…

{My tomatoes are finally getting ripe!}

{A flower bush tree that’s just started blooming.  Anyone know what this plant is?}

{Infamous Peaches & Cream corn from the Wack}


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