Finding the Sweet Spot

For the past couple of weeks I’ve encountered a daily dilemna while trying to navigate the transit system while figuring out the shortest route home.  The answer unfortunately is, that there is none.  Each route, which is a combination of train, bus and train again or train, train, and train takes approximately two hours for me to go from my garage to work and continually puts me in situations similar to Kareena’s character in Jab We Met, when she just barely onboards a train, and professes (in her usual, loud manner) ‘thank you baba ji, thank you’.  Since this whole situation is quite ridiculous, I’ve had to map out my options.  At the moment, they are:

  1. Quit work
  2. Suck it up and keep doing it
  3. Drive
  4. Move

The first and fourth options, for a number of reasons, don’t make sense, at this point anyways.  The second may need to work because I’m not left with much else.  The third is not desirable because I hate driving, but, I get to wear heels (which aren’t the most convenient when I’m using transit and running to catch a train).  So, it may need to be a combination of options 2 and 3…  Will keep you posted.


5 thoughts on “Finding the Sweet Spot

    • Thanks Clare!! That was probably the first thought I had when I found out we were going to move there, but I quickly realized that it wasn’t an option because no one else is foolish enough to live so far away… But I’m still on the lookout for an arrangement, and definately should have included it in as one of my options!

  1. Do you REALLY derive pleasure from driving in high heels???? I can understand being pleased with yourself as you run for the bus in 5″ heels, but I don’t get the satisfaction from feet buried down by the clutch and brake pedal. Maybe if I had an automatic… Hmmm. Need a new car, I guess, so I can put my stilettos into action again.

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