Sublimage – The Verdict

So it’s been a couple of weeks now that I’ve been using my fancy new eye creme, and… I totally love it.  Considering I have not been getting enough sleep, nor drinking enough water, and worst of all – enduring crap loads of stress, I am amazed how light my dark under eye circles are AND fine lines are gone!  Relatively speaking.  I didn’t have too many to begin with, but I have noticed an actual difference in the smoothness of my skin under the eye.  I have always been a skeptical when it comes to products that promise the disappearance of dark under eye circles because I believe that they are caused by a lack of sleep, poor diet and genetics, but I think this product may have changed my mind. 

CAUTION – Do not offer to apply this on your husband/boyfriend/significant other.  He or she may want some every time they see you using it. 

Additional Benefits – I purchased my creme at Holt Renfrew from Stephanie at the Chanel counter.  With this, I got two samples of other Chanel products that I am unfortunately very much enjoying.  I also received a phone call a couple of days after the purchase with an offer for a free facial!  So of course, I accepted and it was very nice.  The Chanel skin specialist used products suited for my skin type and it was done in an enclosed ‘ville’ in the private chambers of the store.  Best of all, there was no pressure to buy and I got a very nice and long overdue facial. 



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