Ancient Remedies

Yesterday afternoon I had a massage appointment at my favourite local spa which was concluded by the most relaxing scalp massage.  For a fleeting moment, it took me back to the most exotic scalp treatment that I’ve had to date which involved hot oil being poured down the middle of my forehead at an Ayurvedic Spa outside of a Tiger Reserve in Southern India.  It was pretty amazing.  The sleep I had after both treatments was even better. 

Scalp treatments and massages with a bit of oil, I recommend almond or amla, have many extra benefits beyond good sleep.  This deep conditioning treatment provides healthy, shiny hair, cures dandruff and supreme relaxation.  Benefits from the human touch are also profound.  My go to person for this small luxury is my mom, possibly because there is no bigger comfort than my mum’s hands rubbing and soothing my hair and scalp.  However, you can always bribe someone else to do this for you as well. 

How to do it yourself: flip your hair upside down to get your scalp stimulated and blood circulating in your head.  Rub some oil onto your hands, and have most of it concentrated on your fingers.  Massage your scalp as if massaging in shampoo.  Do this for about 2 minutes or longer if you can handle it.  Take a warm shower and thoroughly shampoo and condition your hair.  Then go to sleep as soon as possible.


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