Forbidden Objects


I seem to be a bit cursed when it comes to cameras.  When I first created this blog, I was relying on other’s to take pity on me and lend me their equipment or take pictures for me (thank you Raman C, Krista, Jess, Gogi and Pinky).  I think Gogi just got fed up with me and generously gave me one of cameras.  Thank you, Gogi.  That lovely camera grew legs at a family wedding and walked away.  So, I was once again left without a camera.  Then Jess, my sister-in-law lent me hers which I used to my heart’s content for a month. But, the babies obviously take precedent, and she needed it back to record their daily shenanigans.  So, I finally ordered a fabulous Nikon, which I’m super excited about… but, while on route, it landed in a country that incurred a major, natural disaster.

I hope the majority of people in Thailand have been spared the grief and loss that comes with such disaster and that they have access to the basic necessities of life including water, food, shelter and clothing.  I wish for them a safe and secure restoration of their country.


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