Happy & Healthy


My hair. During and after our two month vacay, I was exposed to a new issue with my hair – it knotted! I’m generally pretty good about getting a six to eight week trim to take off dry ends but I think the various types of weather took a toll.  [Note – If you are growing your hair, I highly recommend getting regular trims, every six to eight weeks to ensure that it keeps growing healthily.] Although I’ve been contemplating chopping it off, bob style, I decided to not make any rash decisions and get all of the dryness chopped. It feels good to have healthy feeling hair again! Thank you Andi!



3 thoughts on “Happy & Healthy

  1. No rash decisions this time but if it were clothing – no problem in that end, good thing ur not going to go or look at shopping items now, right?!

  2. Ive been growing my hair out lately and I have a confession to make!! Brace yourself because this might scare you just a little bit. I haven’t gotten a trim in the last six months. My issue is that whenever I want to get a “trim” they basically chop off my hair, so all the hard work goes to waste! It’s a little disappointing. But on the bright side, I do understand that a little trim can go a long way.

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