Lesson of the Day

Don’t cheat. It’s not worth it.

Yesterday, I went to the supermarket and as I was checking out I noticed the rack of magazines. Glossy, beautiful and informative magazines. Apparently Will and Kate are really excited about their baby. That’s great news! Parents that are excited to have a baby are wonderful. And then I saw something from from the corner of my eye (I swear my brain is constantly, unconsciously on the lookout for stuff like this) ’50 Best Beauty Tips! Hair & Makeup Tricks That Will Change Your Life’. In the name of research, I had to get it.


So I happily left the store and walked to my car. In my excitement I didn’t notice that the keys slipped from my fingers into the shopping bag, while putting the groceries in the trunk of my car… and slammed the trunk shut.

Lessons Learned

1. I should have not cheated on number four for something so insignificant… I mean for anything. I later realized that this magazine contains what I believe to be the most awful reoccurring column ever ‘Who Got It Right.’ It’s about which celebrity wore a certain look better, which is basically based on whichever celebrities are popular at the time. It’s so mean! Poor Courtney Love gets hated on all the time.

2. My life hasn’t changed.

Thank you Ranjit who happened to be walking out of the store moments later and offered to drive me home to get the spare key. I think he muttered something like ‘I’m not surprised…?’


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