Freedom to Feast

I went for a run today. I have ran in the past but by no means would qualify as a runner. My usual forms of exercise are very occasional yoga, chasing around my nephews, seasonal hiking and frolicking in lakes. Unfortunately, none of the above happen on a regular basis and I’m tired of the ‘I’m no longer pregnant, but still kind of look it’ look. So, I’ve decided to do something about it. I love the fact that a bit of moderate exercise lets me indulge in great stuff like this:


{very delicious ice-cream}

And this:

{Restaurant 62 Chicken and Pancetta Pasta in White Wine Sauce = my lunch today. I generally never order pasta when eating out, but this was SO good!}

Anyhow, I hope you had a great weekend. Mine was busier than usual. I saw a lot of family which was crazy but awesome, like usual. I also saw one of my dearest friends. She is the kindest and most thoughtful person I know. And, I’m very excited to see her next weekend again at her Dinosaur party. I also got a couple of deliveries (s.s. stuff from before stupid number four), that I’m quite excited about but more on that later…


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