Flower Power


{my very first planter ever :}

There is nothing like seeing and smelling beautiful flowers to brighten your day! So, I decided to take my own advice and plant some flowers. I had bought some planters last year and decided I would redo those instead of buying new ones.


{horrendous looking twigs from last year}

The extent of my gardening is limited to planting tomatoes in a pot and since we don’t get very much sun in our yard, they didn’t do very well. So, I’m going to stick to flowers. And since I don’t know too much about those either, I solicited some advice from a local nursery. The key components to success were to buy plants that like shade (of course) and those that would be okay with the occasional drought (in case I forget to water). So pretty much indestructible plants. I was doing well at the nursery with the help of the staff there, but someone else needed her (?!) and it went downhill from there. I ended up with a whole range of stuff… Some of it should survive. My favourite plant was there, jasmine, and although it was meant for indoors, I got it. Have you ever smelt a real jasmine flower? It’s amazing! The scent is so exotic and sweet but in a subtle, delicate type of way. [I also love gardenias, but they weren’t available – in case you were planning on visiting with some plants].


{beautiful, exotic jasmine}

It’s so nice to walk out of the house and look at pretty flowers instead of clumpy, dirty sticks. You should try planting something too. Apparently its good for the mind, body and soul.


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