My Twin

This may sound a little crazy – even for me – but there is someone who looks pretty much exactly like me. So much so that my own siblings and family thought she was me. I wish I could post her picture but that would be a big invasion of her privacy so unfortunately I can’t share her, but picture me with a full fringe of bangs, thick rimmed, black glasses and red lipstick (that part shouldn’t be hard) and voila you have my twin! Apparently my cousin found her picture on Facebook in a random snap… What should I do? Should I try and contact her? Maybe we’ll be offered a movie like Ram aur Shyam or Seeta aur Geeta? I would obviously have to be Geeta. Or one of my personal favourites ChaalBaaz… Yanee ye chaku hai, lag jai toh koon nikal atha hai… Long live Sridevi – the original Roop Ki Rani. Maybe I shouldn’t. She might get scared, especially if she read this.

What would you do if you saw a picture of someone who so closely resembled you that even you had to take a second look?


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