The St. Tropez Set


The ideal Mothers Day celebration for me means the spa and afternoon tea. Throw in a lipstick and it’s perfect. So when my husband suggested a road trip… to Calgary (?!), I thought, does he not know me at all? Well it turned out better than I had expected. I got to hangout with my boys and see my cousin, who I don’t see often enough. I was also given the freedom to pick my Mothers Day present(s). I was in for a surprise. When I was in Paris, at the house of Guerlain, I found the perfect perfume for summer. It was quite a bit more than what I expected and having been on holiday for almost two months, my husband suggested I wait. Bad move. As soon as we got back to London, I was kicking myself for not doing a s.s. purchase because I couldn’t find it anywhere. The one department store I found it at was out of stock. So the plan was to have my sisters brother-in-law pick it up from Harrods when he comes down in August, BUT after all that, I found it! In Calgary! It’s exquisite. Since I was on a high, I didn’t realize what I was doing and picked up a couple of other items… All of these things remind me of St. Tropez. If I was there, this is all I would wear. And some K Jacques. It’s a sign, I need to go.


{Terracotte – the best bronzer ever.}


{My very first Tom Ford in Spanish Pink. It’s listed as one of the 10 best nudes in Harpers Bazaar, but it’s more of a peachy pink on me. Very 60’s without all of the white, chalky business. They also had one called Indian Rose, I felt obligated, but it didn’t make my haart beat faast like this one. Vary haapy in my haart.}


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