Happy Mothers Day!


To all mommies everywhere, happy mothers day. Being a mom automatically means you are amazing. To my mom, thank you for everything you do. I don’t know how you have the energy to do it all. I can barely manage two, how did you survive with four? To my filmy Maa, this is for you. (This a remake of the original from the movie Raja aur Rank, for which I have many fond memories, mostly of my Daadi. She loved this movie. I miss you Bebe. If you can endure Nirupa Roy’s tears, watch this one)

To my children – you are my rays of sunshine and the best part of my life. Gavin, even though you really want it it be Fathers Day instead, you will one day¬† understand that you really were a part of me and in my tummy, not daddy’s, and because of that we will always have such a special bond. You complete me.