Strawberry Margarita


Is on my toes! My feet were borderline resembling sandpaper so I went for a lovely, deeply moisturizing, spa pedicure at the Wild Orange Spa. Today has been a pretty significant day and not just because of my long overdue pedicure, but also because:

1. My baby officially launched his very first tooth.
2. It is my favourite Massi’s birthday! She is the best!
3. I finally got back my exotic Persian perfume oil that I got in Dubai from my husband who was using it as air freshener (?!) in his truck. I might have even let him keep it except it’s not available here and I don’t really want to smell the same as his truck.
4. I have decided (by myself, with no outside coercive influences) that I shall refrain from all frivolous* purchases until the end of June. Please no comments Pinky. Since I have announced it to the world, I feel that I can’t cheat.

*Frivolous meaning clothes, shoes, handbags, MAKE-UP (of course unless I require something specific for a client), magazines and anything else that I do not require to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle, including workout or yoga wear. This does not include any type of food or drink, including gourmet meals, or services e.g. manicures, haircuts or massages. Or horseback riding Groupons. Thank goodness I ordered my swimsuit from Anthroplogie yesterday!


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